Deli meats made of game

Fresh local food is the modern trend and the basement of healthy meal

Оленья ферма «Мушкино»
Натуральные корма «Мушкино»
Авторские рецепты «Мушкино»
Deer farm

Deer farm

Back to the roots.
Animals in their natural habitat

A pretty big herd of European deer and fallow deer live almost free in a large fenced area near Mushkino safari-park, Kaliningrad Region of Russia. The health and quality of this population are carefully monitored by a team of professional zootechnicians and gamekeepers.

The meat of wild animals surpasses the traditional raw materials of Russian meat processing plants in nutrition value and taste. That is why we use venison as the basic ingredient for our delicacies.


  • 2500
    deer livestock
  • 1000
    hectares of pasture
Natural feed

Natural feed

Full production cycle.
We use just our own farmland for livestock needs

The Mushkino agro-industrial complex is engaged in the cultivation of adjacent land. The grain and leguminous cultures are grown on an area of more than 3,000 hectares. It provides a 100% feed supply for our deer farm.

Wild and semi-wild animals are called “happy” because their diet contains neither antibiotics nor growth hormones. Besides, they don't suffer from stress associated with industrial cultivation.


feed all year round
hectares of land
Authentic recipes

Authentic recipes

Like the good old days.
Traditional hunter's cuisine dishes for your everyday meal

The meat processing factory is located near the deer farm. It means that we always use the freshest raw materials to produce our delicacies. The brand chef of the Mushkino restaurant, Nikolay Zinyakov, has developed a series of recipes combining the taste of a game and the regular format of sausages, pastes and stews.

We refuse to use chemical preservatives and flavorings in favor of natural ingredients. Products with the trademark Mushkino are delivered to retail stores with sufficient shelf life value but fresh at the same time.


natural ingredients
autentical recinse
products per shif

Deli meats

Today we produce more than 60 products under the brand name Mushkino.

Natural meat products with the brand Mushkino can be purchased at the farm itself, in Mushkino restaurant, in the delicatessen departments of supermarkets and in branded outlets. The Mushkino company use to take part in the agriculture exhibitions and street food festivals throughout the country.


Mushkino Tradehouse cooperates with the popular federal and regional retail chains, including stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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