Mushkino Tradehouse is ready for cooperation

We aim to expand our dealer's network and set up new longtime partnerships with the key principle of beneficial cooperation.

Today, Mushkino branded assortment contains more than 60 types of premium deli meats: sausages, snacks, canned products (stewed meat, roast), as well as semi-finished products. All the delicaces are produced at our own enterprise used highest quality farm raw meat which is situated the HACCP standard. We carefully monitor all the stages of production and got all necessary certificates.

Our features:

1. Production of quality products from natural ingredients according to the original recipe.
2. Development of recipes and production of products according to the recipes provided under your own Trademark.
3. Prompt delivery of products to the regions of the Russian Federation by air and road.

We are ready to cooperate with both large retail chains and small stores. We implement regular deliveries, providing our distributors with information and marketing support.

For cooperation:

+7 4212 520638


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