Natural feed

Full production cycle. We use just our own farmland for livestock needs

The Mushkino agrocomplex fully supplies the deer farm with the natural plant feed. For these purposes, 800 tons of corn silage, 2,400 tons of grass haylage, 1,500 tons of hay and 400 tons of oats are harvested annually on lands with an area of more than 2,000 ha.

Semi-free keeping of animals positively affects the quality of meat and finished products. The natural habitat, mobility, animals health monitoring, the absence of antibiotics and hormones in their feed, avoiding the stress associated with industrial breeding, all these factors provide a balance of muscle mass and fat of the venison. Since the areal is large enough, the animals independently feed on grass, and in addition to harvested feed, eat leaves and other plants according to the program laid down by Mother Nature. That's the way natural growth and herd development occurs.